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My state of law school.


I was first introduced to the idea of going to law school in Mr. Sherman’s 8th grade social study and language arts class. Cait and I were assigned to a project together where we defended a case made by the ACLU. This was in the midst of learning about monumental civil rights decisions made by SCOTUS, and I was fascinated. The fact that sifting through law and finding evidence for and against a situation could translate into every day life was pretty incredible to me. There was power in that for change. 

Starting at Gonzaga, I declared my major as Political Science with the full intent on going to law school right after graduation. Obviously, I’m not wrapping up my legal education next year so that didn’t happen. I fell into campaign/community organizing with the Real Food Challenge and became immersed in a grassroots approach to social change. I also loved the topic of food justice and improving the health care sector, which a teeny tiny space in the legal world. The only law school I could find with anything substantial on the topic is, of course, Harvard and it’s Food Law and Policy Clinic.

So I put off the decision for a couple of years.

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