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Month: September 2019

3 Months of No Alcohol in 2019

Hi friends! It has been a while. Looking forward to a lot more upcoming blog content because I feel like I have so much inside that I have been wanting to share about for a while. Getting into another new routine as the seasons change and making time for the things that matter to me — like sharing resources I think will actually help people! 

If you’ve been interacting with me at all in person or online in 2019, you may have noticed I went through several periods of time not drinking. Besides doing week-long “cleanses” or the Tone It Up Seven Day Slimdown, I don’t think there had been a period of time when I did not drink between college until September 2018. Martin and I were just getting back from a two-week trip to Poland and with the upcoming holiday season, post Labor Day through the end of the month seemed like a great time to try going without. 

It. Was. So. EYE OPENING. 

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