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Month: January 2019

LG (Lauren Gleisberg) vs. BBG (Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide)

So I was asked to write a comparison post on two popular women’s fitness programs. For girls who have been following Tone It Up for a while, many have looked to expand their repertoire of available workouts and have used these two programs to supplement.

I actually  started writing this post a couple of months ago and in the meantime have had quite a bit of revelation as well as gained some science-based nutrition knowledge to inform this conversation.

Prefacing this whole topic, I want to remind all of my readers that more important than exactly what program you are following especially when getting started with fitness, is just that you are consistently getting out and doing it, no matter what that activity is. Unfortunately we now live in an era where you are being bombarded on every device with before and after photos promising before and after results from this program and the next. The truth is if you can honestly stick to something, you are going to see changes so rather than initially focusing on what the program offers, focus on if you’ll actually keep it up. Do you enjoy it?! Because working out actually can be really fun and empowering!

All of that said, these two trainers have emphasized two main different types of exercise and actually provide a great point of demonstration for anyone who wants to get a little bit more geeky in the science. Maybe you actually have been really consistent working out in 2018 (congrats!) and now you want to tweak your routine for more specific goals. I hope this topic might help you decide what makes sense for your next move!

So now to dive in!

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