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Month: October 2018

To the woman who checks her abs….

Hey – just a head’s up I am that girl. I do check my abs. Daily. And figured it was time to say a few words that I myself needed to hear.

I’ve been listening to and reading a lot lately on the intersectionality of fitness, nutrition science,  and body image. In even the 5+ years that I started to take health and fitness seriously, there has been a shift in mentality. There has been burnout and rebirth, not just within myself but in the space around me.

In the last generation, there has been the “quest for 6 pack abs,” both for men and women. I’ve heard that region of the female body called so many things: “my problem area,” “my mommy tummy,” “my pooch,” “my soft parts.” For many there is such a negative association with that space and since its one of the easiest to see in the mirror, we interact with it every day.

The conversation becomes much more complicated around this idea that we have the power to change our circumstances (which I firmly believe) but that we also should love our current state, our current form, our current situation. I once had a yoga teacher describe to me that being stuck in the past is actually now a medical condition that has a name — depression; being stuck in the future, is what we know as anxiety.

So where do the ab checks come in?

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