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Month: September 2018

I ran my first half marathon!

It’s just about a week past my SeaWheeze half marathon (first half marathon overall!) and I documented a lot of my training experience on Instagram but thought it would be a good idea to have everything culminated in one story/guide.

This is quite a long story so if you would rather skip my background and race details, you can also proceed to FAQs at the bottom. Thanks for reading!

Running Story

The best place to start is sharing right off the bat my Running Story. Running for me did not start with signing up for SeaWheeze though I kind of knew in my heart that it would probably be my first half marathon if I ever decided to do one.

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Studio Tone It Up Review

I’ve shared a few thoughts here and there regarding the Tone It Up App since it was released and after spending almost a year using it, I figured it was finally time to share some overall thoughts and impressions. In addition, I’ve been working in software as a service for more time as well and have a personal interest in the intersection of technology and health and fitness. I hope to play around with more apps and review them in the future so if you have any suggestions of ones I should try (or want me to be the guinea pig!) I’m happy to. This is just the one I am probably most personally familiar with and worth having a discussion around.

What is Tone It Up?

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