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Loving Lately: Start of 2018

Hi all!

Currently I am in the midst of the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge  and with that, have both been getting back to my tired and true good habits as well as trying out some new things. I have a few small things that I’m really excited about right now and really want to share with you in case you’re curious or even hear me mention in passing IRL or on Instagram.

  1. The Balanced Blonde’s: Soul on Fire Podcast. I have known about Jordan and her journey from veganism to finding balance for a while and in the process of discovering some new podcasts, stumbled upon hers. Since then I have read her book as well as started following some of the incredible guests she features on her show. Notable episodes for me include multiple interviews with Kelly Leveque (more on her below) and Courtney Swan aka Realfoodology but lately her exploration of health and wellness has really taken a turn toward connecting with physical and spiritual connection and healing.To check out where Jordan is at in her life right now and to get some context to newer episodes I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend reading her blog post on her latest Panchakarma experience and how it is already shaping a new mindset for moving ahead in 2018. She has covered topics such as reiki, kundalini yoga, astrology, channeling, shamanism (with Shaman Durek – this episode left me SHOOK in the best way possible) in the podcast and much more. Definitely helps me open my mind to what else is out there and at least cultivate a more positive existence if nothing else.
  2. Body Love by Kelly Leveque. I consider this book TIU Nutrition plan class 301. I LOVE the Tone It Up nutrition plan and stand by it over any “diet” or nutrition plan that is out there (and trust me… I have read a few.) But Kelly is an academically trained holistic nutritionist and she takes what I already knew about nutrition and layers on some new and fascinating research at the cellular level around macro- and micro-nutrients. As a geek for this stuff, I gobble it up, though it is a lot more science-heavy than some of the fitness nutrition messaging out there.How does it differ? Kelly focus on the Fab Four: greens, healthy fats, fiber and protein — that should be present at any meal. The easiest way of incorporating these is to start your day with a smoothie that has them all and let me tell you, by making a few tweaks to fit the formula and decreasing pretty significantly the amount of fruit in my smoothies, I can immediately feel a difference in how I am fueled all day. The reasoning behind this methodology has everything to do with moderating your blood sugar.

    Blood sugar is something that I think is pretty easy to forget when following a healthy diet. Even this past Saturday I had both a huge burger (+a beer!) and then in the even had some healthy (avocado, applesauce, etc.) brownies and vegan ice cream. The burger was filling but honestly I felt fine afterwards. The sweets by comparison…. Energy spike and crash and a stomach ache a few hours later. Crazy right?

  3. Studio Tone It Up. Alright, alright — I’ll admit I was a bit of a hater before I even gave the app a shot. From a personal finance perspective, it seemed like a waste of money when TIU has plenty of free content and I have already paid for streaming access to 5+ DVDs. Let me start this review saying that I paid a whopping total of $6 for a year-long subscription to Studio Tone It Up because its managed by the App Store and I had soooooooooooo many gift cards stashed away for over the years (because who buys individual songs any more? Or pays for apps? …Until now)Would it be worth the full price? If you are struggling to fit in a work out or feel intimidated stepping into a gym — absolutely yes. Even without those factors in mind I love the scheduling aspect of the app (classes are on the hour every hour and the schedule is released the weekend before) and the ability to chat with girls before and after the class. Tone It Up does the work for you in mashing together several aligned videos so you’re getting a full 25-35 minute workout every class. Pair that with the Daily Moves or some cardio and you’re really set for the day.

    As a longtime Tone It Up member, some of the videos themselves are a little hit or miss for me. The general theme is everything is getting shorter and then mashed together as I mentioned above. This is a little bit of a bummer compared to the beautiful, full-length workouts of the Beach Babe DVDs but I get that it allows for some more flexibility.

    If you’re curious about the app, definitely give the 7 day free trial a go. You might just get hooked or it might totally not fit into your life and either way is fine! Some weeks I strive for those 5 AM classes and others I don’t get a single app class in (that was last week.)

  4. Running. Oooooooooh this one is a surprise 🙂 My friend Jenn and I have been loving  taking advantage of our office gym and while we predominantly have been weight training, we love to fit in some cardio days and I’m remembering this summer my absolutely love/hate relationship with sprints. They are so hard but feel so good.I consider myself a pretty fair-weather runner in general but even so I have been craving getting back outside and have already gotten a couple of 2-3 mile runs under my feet in 2018. Good thing because…. I will be running my first half marathon in September and crossing off a major goal of running SeaWheeze, the lululemon half marathon. Stay tuned for much more on my training efforts!

Our crew at SeaWheeze 2017 <3

Hope you enjoyed reading! I love sharing the little details of what I have been up to and what is fueling me through my day to day.

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