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TIU Beginners Guide: Workout Edition

Hi all! I really love Tone It Up. Who knew right?

Well, what you might not know is that when I started following them back in 2012. It was almost exclusively for the workouts. I grew up dancing and while I did have gym membership growing up, I never ventured far from the group classes. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Zumba, yoga, BodyCombat, BodyPump, etc.

But sometimes a girl doesn’t have an hour and I remember googling “Ab Workouts for Women” in college and voila — Tone It Up entered my life forever!

3rd time meeting these bombshells!

Over the years, Tone It Up’s videos have increased in volume and diversity and they have changed their Weekly Schedule Several Times. Intimidated? Well, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite videos from over the years from all of their free content. I love the DVDs and Premium Videos but you could spend years on TIU’s high-quality, free content, alone.

My favorite version of the Weekly Schedule is combining 1-2 of the video’s and adding in cardio a few times a week. It could look something like this, but feel free to mix your days around!

Sample Weekly Schedule:

Monday: HIIT

Tuesday: Total Body Toning

Wednesday: Booty + Cardio

Thursday: Stretching + Total Body

Friday: Arms (Flex Friday) + Cardio

Saturday: Active Rest Day

Sunday: 30 Minutes of Cardio or go for that Sunday Runday 5K!

Before getting into the videos, by “toning,” I really mean Weight Training. Start small but don’t be afraid to build up the weight (safely!) once you get the hang of the videos and especially if you have access to a variety of weights at a gym. Your legs, for example, will likely need a much heavier weight then your arms to feel anything!

In addition, cardio does NOT have to be running! When I started Tone It Up, I did happen to pair it with running and it was really my first time EVER. I got up to 6 mile runs that summer! But adding on HIIT videos, walking, elliptical, spin/biking, dance are all excellent forms of cardio! Now on to my list.



Love Your Body with HIIT Love Your Body with HIIT is an oldie but a goodie! 20 minute HIIT workout of light/moderate intensity.

K&K Slay K&K Slay is from Beach Babe DVD 4 and gives you a preview of what the Beach Babe DVDs are like! This is a short 12 minute HIIT video of moderate intensity.

Hiit Bitty Bikini HIITY Bitty Bikini I feel so bad for my girl Haley who started with this video… I would argue still the hardest workout K&K have ever released, this is one of my personal fitness level tests. 20 minutes of true high intensity cardio moves. This is the good kind of torture.

Get Toned


10 Minute Toned Abs 10 Minute Toned Abs This is one of my new go-to routines from this year’s Bikini Series! So quick and straight forward. These were the exact kinds of moves I was going for when I first Googled and found TIU 😉

Total Body Tone Up Total Body Tone Up from the January 2016 challenge is an awesome 15 minute total body workout. This is a great one to pair with really any routine or run it twice through!

The Mermaid This one you can customize with a lot of different weights. Overall it’s pretty gentle but with proper form and the right weight, you’ll definitely feel it.

Flex Friday is one of my FAVORITE arm routines ever from Tone It Up (my other is from the TIU Bikini Series of 2014.) My arms and shoulders were not an area that I ever set out to target, but through Tone It Up, seeing the muscle build there has been really awesome! Highly recommend adding in some arm pump.

Feeling Flexy!


Flexibility is crucial to include in any fitness plan. You’ll find that movements are easier, you’ll recover faster and and prevent injury. Plus, if you’re adding in some yoga, you’ll get some serious core strength included. Karena has always been naturally flexible and has some great stretching videos, and Katrina recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training and now has some great full-length routine that always includes some added toning.

Bikini Yoga Flow from the 2015 Bikini Series. I love this 20 minute vinyasa-style flow. Actually, once you get it down, it’s a great foundation to start a home practice. These are all very popular yoga moves you’ll find in most vinyasa classes but in a short and sweet format.

Beach Yoga with Karena was my first ever TIU yoga routine! I love this one because Karena speaks to transporting your mind to somewhere tropical and its a more low key stretch.

Yoga Booty with Kat is now one of my FAVORITE yoga routines when I want to get a sweat on at home. There’s just enough flow, challenge and toning to feel like a like I’m getting a good workout but still putting my mind in the yoga headspace. Really cool to see how much Kat’s teacher training impacted her and sure makes me want to get started on that path myself!

I hope you enjoyed my list of TIU routines including several throwbacks! If you’re navigating their workouts for the first time or just looking to incorporate something new into your routine, I hope you give some of these a try.

TIU veterans… Did I leave out any of your favorites?! Let me know!

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