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The Healthful Millennial: Wrap game strong.

So far my 20s have been a whirlwind of scholastic, professional and personal growth. I’m proud to say that I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. I credit that statement to surrounding myself with really incredible people, making the best decisions for myself that I can given the circumstances, and I spent a year putting my mental and physical happiness first.

I often get asked about my workout plan and especially some of the random yet practical information I know about food that I have pulled together throughout this journey. I am not a healthcare professional, nor have any certification in nutrition (someday I might like to change that…) but I have read a lot of books, articles and blogs and put together some thoughts from my personal experience.

I have many ideas bouncing around my head of tips and tricks to share but if you have any burning questions, please hit me up and I’ll try to address them quickly and in a way that you can actually find useful. Because the bottom line for me is that all of this information is only as good as you can actually put it into practice!

Enough preach, more substance! Today I’m addressing weekday lunches. 

There are several routes that I like to go for lunch and basically none of them include eating out! For a variety of reasons, I have strong problems with our generation opting for eating out.

Save your money. Own your nutrition. Own your food.

There are often many cheaper, healthier options that with a little thought ahead of time are easy and delicious to take with you on the go! At my last position, I did often spend days out meeting with clients and sure, sometimes had to rely on something on the road to get me through but that was usually the result of poor planning on my part and not a norm.

During the January Tone It Up Challenge  this year, I discovered that one of my favorite weekday options is a Wrap. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good salad, but sometimes there’s something just more satisfying about taking all of that green goodness and wrapping it in a nutritious, complex carb blanket. Yum! And so easy.

Now on to the How To:

[credit to Patty Pan Cooperative!]

  1. Start with a high quality wrap of your choice! I prefer whole-wheat with very few ingredients. My favorite are these whole wheat ones made with local organic wheat from Patty Pan Cooperative which I used to buy through Farmigo. They also sell them at our Seattle farmers markets! Other options include Ezekiel Brand sprouted wheat wraps or La Tortilla Factory low carb, high protein wraps which are available at Costco. But take your pick with your dietary preferences!
  2. Add the bed o’ greens! Romaine is always an easy option, baby spinach is great, or take a little more time and prep your bitter greens to make a base! Massage kale in some simple ingredients like lemon juice and olive oil and it will become a perfect wrap base.
  3. Pack it with protein! Great veggie options include baked tofu, tempeh or roasted chickpeas. Meat options are really endless too. I prefer really high quality turkey or shredded chicken (slow cooked — this could be a post in itself!)
    In this photo, I did tuna mixed with Greek Yogurt, salt and pepper! Another easy choice.
  4. Top with healthy flavor boosters! These include vinegars, mustards, herbs, avocados, sprouts, nuts, seeds, salsas, roasted veggies and many more! Just look for basically no added sugar, and avoid tons of salt. Beyond Greek yogurt I’m personally not really into creamy dressings but you can make some versions for yourself that are much better than bottled ones and will keep for the week!

    IMG_1282Local hot sauce on my breakfast wrap 🙂 Eggs are also a great option!

  5. Wrap it up! I like to go either roll up, or fold-over style and then wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil just to be safe. Throw in a side of fruit for dessert and you’ve got an amazing take-anywhere lunch.

So as you can probably tell, these come together quickly as long as you’ve got what you need in your fridge. I definitely recommend stocking up on your favorite condiments that you will use all the time but with meats, prepped veggie proteins and fresh produce you actually need to use the things you buy! Otherwise that’s money literally going to the garbage. Basically the worst thing.

I like to do these 3-4 times a week when I know I’ll be in the office. Personally they have everything my body needs to be energized, full and ready to take on the rest of my work day without feeling heavy or lethargic by 3 PM.

Thanks for the read! Let me know if you create any fun wrap flavors. Of course, for the truly time-constrained, PB and J is always a backup option!


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